Ghazipur Manav Kalyan Charitable Trust

Ghazipur Manav Kalyan Charitable Trust is devoted to the empowerment of women in several areas and will continue to strive diligently towards the same in the years to come. For this very reason we have made sure that all our services provided at different types of facility come at a very nominal fee.

The requisite papers will have to be duly filled and signed by the patient’s family before they can be deemed eligible to take advantage of the proffered services of the hospital.

The Ghazipur Manav Kalyan Charitable Trust will conduct a through analysis of the paperwork and only if it grants its approval, will the patient be deemed fit for getting the necessary.

Grant they need to get treated in the hospital if and when the time comes.

The hospital authorities will have all the authority to make important decisions regarding the patients to be admitted in their care.