All you have to do is take a look at the newspapers out there today and you will get an idea of how terribly things are going wrong as far as women’s rights in this country is concerned. We at Ghazipur Manav Kalyan Trust believe that women need our help now more than ever, and it is this very premise of thinking that has led to its very foundation.

There was a time when women were respected equally. But that was ages ago and it is simply impossible to ignore the fact that women have lost the glorious footing in society that they once enjoyed. We at Ghazipur Manav Kalyan Trust seek to intervene right here; to bridge the harrowing psychological gap that has built up gradually in the minds of women over years of being suppressed in our society. Through the process of educating them and giving them the best healthcare that they deserve, we strive to make them proud citizens of society once again, taking their confidence to an altogether different level with the knowledge that there is someone out there who really cares about them

We seek to address these issues through two critical avenues:

Medical. You cannot be empowered if you do not have access to the very basic health needs that everyone should be at the receiving end of. There’s a good reason they say ‘health is wealth’, and we have gone to outstanding lengths to ensure that our women get only the best possible medical treatment available, thus bolstering their confidence and allowing them to go all out in the world out there with their heads held high.

Education. There is nothing like education when it comes to inspiring women to believe in themselves and carve out a niche for themselves in life; to make them believe that they are indeed here for a purpose. Apart from our outstanding nursing educational institution, we have also come up with institutions where underprivileged girls can have an access to the education they once could merely dream of, making them strive proudly towards becoming contributing members of society.

In a nutshell women empowerment is really nothing short of creating a most conducive ‘environment’ for women, one that will give them the necessary strength to shine in society and to once again return to the position they most certainly deserve. Because women are really craving to be treated as equals. But of course there is that terrible mindset that has to change, that of men being superior to women, and that can only happen when more ‘women’, than men, take cognizance of the fact that they are truly on the same level as men.

We thank you for taking the time to visit our website in an attempt to gain an understanding in what we do.We know that it’s a long road ahead but we are certain that we can bring about a great change as far as women empowerment goes, through our continued efforts towards making sure that our women get all the crucial resources they need in order to make them more confident citizens of society. This was the dream of our founder and it is the dream of all of us who work at Ghazipur Manav Kalyan Trust.